[Biography/Mindless Behavior] Ray Ray


RAY RAY: PRETTY BOY of the group.Ray ray is the BIG time pranker in the group.ray and roc lived across the street from each other there whole life but never met. 

Age: 15 
Favorite Music: Kaws, Bonkey, Mr.Brian Wash
Favorite Subject: Math, Spanish 
Favorite Meal: TACO 
Fashion Style: Skater Mixed With Travie McCoy 
Interests: Drawing, Skating and Shopping 
Favorite Artists: Drake Kanye and Travie McCoy 
Favorite Places: New York, London 
Favorite CD's: #1 Girl, Ice Cubes Music, Kanye West' Graduation 
What He Does When Hes Not Working: Sleep, Shop, and Go To Six Flags 
Siblings: 2 Brothers and 2 Sisters 


1) He's Obsessed With Drawing 
2) He Loves reading twilight books 
3) He's Team Edward !
4) He loves Roller Coasters. He once went on every ride 
5) His Birthday is January 6th 
6) Favorite Color Is Purple 
7) Favorite Dance Is The Moon Walk 
8) His Favorite Designers: Dc and Plan B 
9) He is A Straight A Student 
10) His Strongest Quality is His Confidence 


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Amara Green said...

I'm two years older than Ray Ray and I would date him anytime .-Amara

Makenzie Winston said...


Makenzie Winston said...

I luv rayray he is all I would want in a boyfriend I been to both of their concerts I have pictures.of him all over my room on my mirror.diary my closet and my bed I would.kill to be his girlfriend dont ask me nothing about him cause I will talk about him 4 hours my bestfriend/sister Alexis luvs princton and would love to meet him.she is only 13 tho

skittlez said...

there goes my baby

Krissy Lacy said...

I LOVE ME SOME RAY RAY,im 18 but i dont care.

Mariah Saulsberry said...

Ray Ray is my favorite even though I'm two years older I don't care his Cute

jasmine mood said...

Yall aint got to ask me no questions cause i kno them all i took the mindless behavior quiz and got all my questions i love me some RAY RAY, so back off of him

Carneic-ya Smith said...

I am an AB student I got the Mayor honor for being an AB student I love twilight team Edward I love RayRay

Carneic-ya Smith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jesuye Olabisi said...

ray ray i love your vibe. Still remain a mindless prank master.

Jesuye Olabisi said...

ray ray i love your vibe. Still remain a mindless prank master.

Unknown said...

I know him because he's my cousin and he's 6 yrs. Older than me and I know the rest of my too but I don't know prodigy like dat tho. But prod got a huge 4 head like furreal. And did y'all know Roc Royal used to eat ants when we were younger? O and he's a baby daddy he got another 16 year old when he was 16

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