[Biography/Mindless Behavior] Roc Royal

ROC ROYAL: Roc is the youngest member in the group other then RAY RAY. Roc might be the funniest, immature member but that's why fans love him.

Birthplace: Los Angelas 

Age: 14
Favorite Subject: Literature, History, and Science  
Favorite Foods: Grilled Chicken with Spanish Rice 
Fashion Sense: REALLY Edgy 
Interests: Football
Most Listen To Artist: Mr.Brainwash 

Favorite Celebrities: Chris Brown, Drake, and Usher 

Sightseeing Sports: NYC, Chicago, And Atlanta
Favorite CD's: Chris Brown's F.A.M.E
What He Does When He's Not Working: Watch Movies
Favorite Game: Madden 11 and Madden 12 
Siblings: 2 Sisters And 6 Brothers


1) He Began Rapping At 8 Years Old  
2) He gives some of the swagger to the group
3) He was born on July 23rd, 1997
4) Favorite color is black 
5) Signature accessories is his hat 
6 )He Is Influenced by MJ, Diddy, Usher, and Eminem
7) His Favorite Dance is The Dougie and The Chicken 
8) Favorite movie is BIG

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Avionna Maulupe said...

I Love roc royal we are exactly the same we like the color black i was born july i am a leo but im only two years younger than him but i love mindless behavior period.

princess said...

dear roc royal;i first want to start off by saying i love your style,swagg,and your rapping skills are very good,im 14teen years of ago,im interested in sports,i love music,and im kind of a rapper myself;i hope you get the chance to read this.fmo instagram@morgangot_beauty {ps.princess morgan<3<3<3

mya garner said...

Dear Roc Royal

I love the way u look act sing and rapper . You are a inspiration to me. I always wished that one day that I would be able to meet you and become friends. I hope that you got all of my letters and soon that u answer one of my questions. We have a lot in commend . Some day I wish that we become friends and will be able to hang out like friends . I love you so much.
Love Peace
love Mya Garner

nyla clark said...


Aaliyah Sander said...

ROC got swag but people keep saying he is ugly.

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